Terry Hughes, REALTOR®


The Optimum Outcome
Serving both sellers and buyers in Solano County, and surrounding communities, Terry begins by asking key questions and carefully noting specific needs and expectations. Then he devises a plan of action aimed at realizing his clients’ objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible. Seller’s value Terry’s marketing savvy, his pre-sale preparation tips and techniques for getting homes sold for the highest price in any market. Buyers trust him to help them identify the most promising properties, then objectively evaluate each one to ensure the best possible decision. Both Seller’s and Buyer’s appreciate his ability to bring negotiations to a win-win conclusion. And all of Terry’s clients benefit from his single-minded focus on achieving the optimum outcome for their transaction. When you’re serious about selling or buying a home or investment property in Solano County or surrounding communities, get in touch with a dynamic professional who’s definitely in his element when it comes to managing every aspect of your real estate transaction. You can count on Terry Hughes to stay Focused on Your Real Estate Goals. Contact Terry today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

A Disciplined Approach
Terry is, in fact, an intensely focused individual. He credits that quality, in part, to what he learned while training and serving in the U.S. Military. “The service had a tremendous influence on me, instilling a sense of discipline and calm — especially in stressful situations,” Terry recalls. “They also taught the importance of staying focused on your objective, whatever the circumstances may be around you.” Those lessons continue to shape Terry’s approach to life and business. Goal-Oriented Focus My client’s goals are extremely important to me. By focusing on my clients goals and looking out for their best interest I get the maximum satisfaction and joy from my work, my clients get great results. Here’s my simple philosophy and what I think is a great approach to doing business; help enough people get what they want in life and you will get what you want. This client focused attitude gives me a clear mind and the ability to really listen and hear what my client’s are saying. “It’s not about me, it’s about my client’s goals, and their results”. My question is; what can I do to help you? It’s no surprise that in his real estate career, Terry brings an intense, unwavering focus to every sale or purchase he handles. “Discipline helps me stay focused on the details,” he says. “It also allows me to sit back and determine exactly what needs to be accomplished.” Once the objective has been identified, Terry immerses himself fully in the process. And he keeps at it until the transaction is successfully completed. It’s a goal-oriented approach characterized by focus, determination and follow-through. It’s also an approach that inspires confidence, because Terry stays calmly on track under all circumstances.

Family and Friends
These days, when he’s not intently focused on handling matters for his business clientele, Terry delights in time shared with his wife, Barbara, and children, Chris and Angela. Often in the company of close friends, the couple goes on snorkel and scuba-diving adventures along the California coast. Closer to home, they’re active in their church and committed to the community. They support the local food locker which provides food for homeless and under fed families in the community. Each year they participate in “Festival of Trees,” which benefits Opportunity House, a local homeless shelter. They support the Police Athletic League (PAL) as well. And both of them are devoted animal lovers who’ve rescued numerous stray dogs and cats.

In His Element
Terry Hughes is in his element. It’s any body of water preferably warm anywhere up to 120 feet below the surface. The coastal waters of the Caribbean and the Hawaiian Islands are a striking blue and aquamarine. They’re amazingly clear as well. Peering through the glass panels of his diving mask, Terry sees a variety of fish — some swimming alone and others in schools. Diving in tropical seas, he notes huge eagle rays, large moray eels, squid and large, friendly sea turtles. Moments later a pod of dolphins passes overhead. (Equally interesting, Northern California waters although allot colder and less clear reveal playful seals and otters and, on the bottom, a multitude of abalone.) Dazzled by the spectacle and diversity of life in marine environments, Terry takes it all in, his focus intense and unwavering. When Terry Hughes pursues his favorite pastime, scuba diving, he’s in his element — focused on the fascinating marine life all around him. When he’s handling crucial matters for his real estate clients, he’s also in his element — focused on fully realizing the goals they’ve identified.

If you’re serious about selling or buying a home or investment property in Solano County or surrounding communities, connect with a committed professional who will be sharply Focused on Your Real Estate Goals. Call him now to arrange a complimentary consultation.

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